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Growing up in family that dealt with textiles (silk weaving), my father Antoon gained an appreciation of fine textiles and weaving. Coming to this country right before the outbreak of World War II, he immediately started working selling linens door to door.

Uncle Sam decided they needed his services and he was soon drafted and served till the end of the war in George Patton’s 3rd Army.

Upon returning he started working with his brothers, and soon after in 1948, decided to start out on his own.

With a vision of what type of store and service that he wanted to offer his customers. My father Antoon worked hard with my Mother Lillian by his side and built up 3 stores - Clearwater FL, Wellesley MA, and Nantucket Island, MA.

In the following years, the entire family worked in the stores at different times. I started when I was 9 years old and had a passion for oriental rugs. Dad had a philosophy – you had to know the product before you could sell it to a customer. So I had to learn the children wear, linens and even lingerie before I could dive into the rug business.

Shortly after my Dad decided that it was time and I soon had a needle in my hand learning the ancient art of rug repair and restoration. With his guidance and training, I received some best education anyone could have.

Though both Mom and Dad are gone, the passion, integrity, and honesty in business was passed on and not forgotten.

For over 60 years Antoon J. Khouri has provided the very best sales and service that is available.

Now in our 2nd Generation
– Our Tradition Continues

Arthur J. Khouri
Arthur J. Khouri

Passion - Integrity - Honesty

For over 60 years!

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