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Oriental Rugs - Cleaning

Think of your rug as a fine wool sweater – you would clean it after wearing it a few times – with a wool or silk Oriental rug we walk on it and carry dirt and imbed it in the rug – of course a rug is more durable, but it still needs to be cleaned.  Cleaning also helps insure the value of the rug for future generations.
Cleaning an oriental rug is suggested every 3 -5 years. This is industry standard that all reputable dealers/cleaners follow.

We have been to many homes to pick up rugs that have not been cleaned in 10 + years and it is obvious right away. The rug is stiff, has an odor to it, colors are dull and the pile is matted.  The danger of not cleaning is that it is more difficult to remove stains. Rugs may have to be washed multiple times and deodorized which may carry an additional expense.

When we pick up the rug we always will spend time with you going over the rug and explaining what we see.  You benefit from that expertise before the rug leaves your home. Once your rug is at our plant the rug is flooded with water and a mild detergent and scrubbed. We then lift and passed your rug through a conveyor belt spraying water over it to remove any dirt and soap that remains.
Afterwards your rug is hung in a temperature controlled room to dry. This drying process may take 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the rug.   Antique and silk rugs are given extra care and are hand washed..

My father – Antoon – started to clean rugs with a very precise mission – get the dirt out – bring colors back – lift the pile and bring the rug back to life. For almost 65 years we continue to follow that mission – with the dedication that has been handed down and followed.

Please contact us to schedule a pickup for your rug cleaning.


Oriental Rugs Cleaning - Antoon J. KhouriDid you know? ...

Padding is an important piece of the care of your rug. We don’t offer one size fits all as many department stores and bargain outlets do.

It is important to use a pad for all your rugs. The pad supports the rug from wear and also protects the floor underneath.

Please ask us on which pad is right for your rug. We will explain why a particular pad is best for your rug.


It is recommended that an oriental rug be cleaned every 3 - 5 years.

Please contact us to schedule a pickup for your rug cleaning.